Free DNS Server Hosting

Jon Web Design's DNS servers are located in various geographic locations, including the US, Europe, Asia and of course locally in Australia.

We utilise Anycast on all our DNS servers. Best of all its FREE!

Free Domain Manage Features

Faster Load Times

Global Redundancy

Less Down Time

Protection against any DDoS

Features and benefits

URL Redirection & Masking

Point your Jon Web Design domain name to any other web address. Masking can be enabled to keep the web address visable.

DNS Zone manager

Make unlimited changes to the domain name zone file, including the ability to modify A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, SPF and SRV records and subdomains.

Greater Speed & Availability

Anycast DNS usually incurs additional cost, however as soon as you become a Jon Web Design Member you will be able to leverage Anycast DNS for any domain name you activate in our control panel.

Higher Level of Redundancy

Anycast DNS service has failover built in this means if a server fails, traffic is re-routed to another DNS server location with the end user unaffected. It also offers us protection against any DDoS attack that may occur.

Intuitive Admin Panel

To manage your DNS zones, you simply interact through our user-friendly, web-based Control Panel.

Alias Email Accounts

Point an email address to another email account - perfect when you change your email address and don't want to miss any misdirected messages.

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Its Free!

If you have one of our cPanel Hosting or Cloud Hosting plans you don't need this.