Email to SMS

Sending SMS has never been easier.
Our Email SMS system allows you to send a plain text email to any mobile number.
It's as easy as sending an email to a custom email address:

Email to SMS Features

Two Way Conversations

$5 Minimum Top Up

20c Per SMS

You can send to one or many.

How to send SMS using your email

Sign Up

Sign up and Purchase a Prepaid Pack.
Add your authorised email accounts that will send the sms messages.
To send an SMS using your email package set the To: field to the
mobile number you're sending to in your chosen format eg.

A real two way conversation

The SMS conversation builds in your email.
Each message and response displays as you converse.
When complete you will have a complete record of the dialogue in one email.
Email reports will let you know when the message
has been delivered to your recipients phone.


You must ensure that the "from address" is set to an authorised email address.
If you want to receive replies back to your email leave the subject blank.
The recipient will receive the message from our system response number, this can be overriden by adding a name
or mobile number in international format to the subject line of the email.
No spaces, 11 chars max. You will not receive replies to the email if overriding the caller ID.

Email to SMS Pre-Paid Plan


20c Per SMS
Unlimited Authorised Email Accounts.

Custom Addon Number


Receive inbound SMS on your very own virtual mobile number.
No commitment, just use as long as you need. No contracts, no hassles.